Baby, it’s cold outside!

16 Jan

Winter’s finally here! And after moaning about not being able to get enough wear out of my new bobble hat, it’s been sitting firmly on my head now for the past couple of weeks, and will be for the foreseeable future…

This is the time of year when our beauty regime needs to go up a gear in order to look after our skin. With the cold, wind & rain battering it, we need all the protection we can get.

Here are my top tips for keeping skin looking good through winter’s worst offerings:

  • Drink plenty of water. This will keep you hydrated from the inside out! Green Tea is also great for hydration and what’s better than a warm brew – adding honey & lemon will help any cold symptoms as well as improve the taste!
  • Use a more hydrating moisturiser than in the summer. For example if you normally use one for a Normal skin type, opt for one that is more cream based for a Dry skin type. 
  • Exfoliate regularly, at least 3 times a week. This will help to remove areas of dry, flaky skin for a smoother appearance. I highly recommend Glam Glow Exfoliating Mask, with a tingling sensation it leaves brightening results.
  • Use an SPF on the skin, whether it’s in your moisturiser or in addition to. Although the sun may be hidden, it’s ray’s can still penetrate the clouds, and your delicate skin. 
  • Target specific dry areas, such as around the nose, chin & cheeks, by using eye cream or E45 cream generously at night or alongside your moisturiser during the day. 
  • Get steamy! Using the steam room in your local gym will soften dry areas as well as helping to clear up cold & flu symptoms. 
  • Almond oil is fantastic to use on cuticles as it penetrates easily & softens dry skin around the nails. For extremely dry hands add a few drops into your hand cream and leave to soak in. This a great to rub on dry elbows, knees & cracked heels too.

There are also some changes you can make to your make up routine that will contribute towards surviving the winter blues:

  • Warm up your complexion by using a fake tan or bronzer that will instantly make you feel less dull or sallow skinned.
  • A pop of rosy blusher on the apples of the cheeks will give you that ‘just been for a 3mile run’ flush of colour. No exercise actually required.
  • Eyes can often look sleepy so give them a lease of life with a eye brightening concealer and a brow lift with an ivory coloured eyeshadow along the brow bone will instantly waken their appearance.
  • Serum foundations are so hot right now – Zoolander reference for the fans. They hydrate & brighten as well as providing coverage, what’s not to love.
  • Hydrate the lips by using a lip balm under any lipsticks, or better still use a lip balm with a pop of colour, moisturising and easy to maintain through the day.



Flattering looks for Everyone!

10 Nov

Here are my top 3 make up looks that will undeniably suit everyone, just adapt the strength of them to go with your individual style!

1. The Natural Beauty

This look simply involves a beautiful base (adjusted to your coverage), soft contour & blush, wash of colour on the eyes, groomed brows, lots of mascara and a natural lip. Easy!

Top Tip: Ensure your foundation colour matches your natural skin tone to avoid a tide line and it looking too heavy.

2. The Lip Focus

With this look just add a gorgeous strong lip colour to look 1, keeping the eyes neutral.

Top Tip: If you’re a bit scared of a strong lip (I’ve been there) try using a lip balm or lip gloss with some colour first, that way it won’t be as dramatic but will allow you to get used to wearing colour.

3. The Eye Focus

For this look add a dramatic eye to look 1, make it as sultry and smoky as you feel comfortable but keep the lip colour nude or bare with just a clear balm.

Top Tip: For an eye look that is wearable and “suits all” opt for neutral tones – greys, taupes or browns. Build colour from the lash line out to frame the eyes.

Beautiful Base

20 Oct

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A Real Game Changer!

24 Sep

Hands up who still hasn’t found the foundation they’d step over their dear old Granny for? Finding the perfect complexion base is like looking for a needle in a hay stack… and that’s not an enjoyable pastime, I’m telling ya! Well ladies (& gents) here it is, the Holy Fucking Grail of Foundation (pardon my French, but I’m passionate)… bareMinerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF 20 *breathe*!!! Yes it’s a mouthful but it sure is worth saying to ensure you get the correct one to take away with, skipping into the sunset!


It’s lightweight, goes on in seconds, provides you with adjustable coverage, so you can wear naturally or full, and the best part, it’s actually good for you! Yes, you read correctly, no more foundation-caused breakouts or cakeyness, instead a foundation that loves your skin and provides you with benefits such as brightening Vitamin C, sun protection and antioxidant protection that have all those free-radicals running for the hills!

Now, bareMinerals love a brush just as much as they love a foundation so
it would be rude not to bring one out that was just as revolutionary as it’s fluid counter-part. The Perfecting Face Brush is a small, synthetic hair brush with a intriguing well in the centre that holds the foundation and allows you to apply it one drop at a time, so as not to waste it. I personally find 1-2 drops provides me with flawless coverage for daytime wear and 3-4 for a fuller coverage.


Also, never one to shy away from a mantra for how to apply, bareMinerals have come up with one for this – Shake, Drop, Buff. It’s as easy as that! Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients (there are only 18 compared to 40+ in an average liquid foundation), Drop the foundation into the Perfecting Face Brush, and Buff onto the skin.

Suitable for all skin types and available in 20 shades, so for all skin tones too, this has only been available nationwide in the UK since the beginning of September but is already flying off the shelves. It even has the attention of renowned beauty expert Alessandra Steinherr (Beauty Director for Glamour) who, after meeting with bareMinerals International Director of Education, Lee Etheridge, said, “I’ve never been able to get on with the mineral powders, but I absolutely LOVE this!”.

Go get yours now, while stocks last!

No Dramas!

22 Aug

I like to keep things simple… and I hate dramas! Heal problems with a cuppa and a chat, find comfort in clean bed sheets, and know that a simple smile can make someone’s day.


The same can be applied to your make up! Don’t overthink it. Make up comes off as easy as it goes on, so enjoy experimenting and finding a new look!


And smile! X

Oz has the Answer

8 Aug

Wasn’t I a lucky one to receive all these amazing Austrailan BodyCare goodies for free!!! Never one to shy away from a freebie, I took them with open arms and am absolutely loving them!


ABC uses all-round good for you ingredients including fabulous Tea Tree Oil, which is best known for battling and preventing breakouts. It is also a great tool to get rid of nasty bacteria that can often lead to unwanted toxins and BO. Use the Skin Wash in areas prone to sweat – armpits, feet, lady areas – to stop bacteria building up, and moisturise with the Body Lotion for extra protection during the day.


* A little goes a long way! One pump of the ABC Skin Wash is all I need to target specific areas or two for an all over body lather.

* The ABC Skin Wash is also great for shaving with as it lathers up so well and will help if you are prone to post-shaving breakouts. I also use it as a shampoo after a workout for an extra cleanse.

* I use the ABC Body Lotion straight after the shower to ensure my skin is awake and open to treatments.

* The concentrated Tea Tree Oil is perfect to target breakouts that you can feel surfacing. Use overnight to see them go down. But don’t use on broken or bleeding skin, the best thing for these is let them breathe and heal naturally to prevent scarring.

Festival Beauty

5 Aug

So 2014 has been the year I lost my festival virginity! And I don’t think I could have lost it to a better one than Latitude. It encompassed everything I expected from a festival and more; music, food, booze, comedy, poetry, dance performances, colourful sheep and Vivienne Westwood! I even got to make the most of my sun hat & kaftan, as well as my wellies & raincoat!


Here I wanted to share a few tips and key beauty products that helped make my first festival experience a joyous one:


* I got my lashes tinted a week before the festival in order to go mascara, and panda-eye, free! I went for a blue-black tint which left my lashes dark and lengthened with a glossy finish.

* To me, feeling body confident in shorts & crop tops involves being tanned. I used St Tropez Gradual Tan before, during and after the festival to build a natural-looking, even tan that didn’t smell like biscuits! I used bareMinerals Face & Body Bronzer in The Starlet, a gorgeous combo of matte and radiant bronzer, to top up the tan quickly during the day.

* Wearing sun protection is vital to protect the skin against future damage and prevent early signs of ageing. I use P20 Factor 30, applying before getting dressed to ensure I’m fully covered (the suns rays can penetrate sheer clothing!). I’m loving bareMinerals BB Primer-Cream Daily Defense SPF 30 with a tint (Light or Medium) which I pop on over my moisturiser to provide protection and an even skin tone. Then just use a concealer where required for a natural, minimal make-up look.

* Lips can become dry through lots of shouting & singing, as well as sleeping with your mouth open after collapsing into your tent! I drenched my lips in Carmex to give them a hydration boost and topped up with Nivea Pearly Shine during the day, which gives them a pale pink sheen and tastes like strawberries.

* Although eventually succumbing to using the showers on day 2, I found the best way to manage my often uncontrollable, frizzy bonnet was to French plait it. I also used Garnier Ultimate Blends Dry Shampoo with Vanilla Milk that cleansed and felt lightweight without leaving any residue, and when I did let my hair down I spritzed it with L’Oreal PlayBall Beach Fizz to add texture and a just-off-the-beach tousled look.

* I left my expensive perfumes at home and instead picked up a cheaper one from Next. Their fragrances are gorgeously scented and long-lasting as well as affordable (between £5-8). My favourites are Just Pink, a subtle, fresh apple scent, and Diamonds, which smells just like Dior’s elegant fragrance, Miss Cherie.


Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful, please feel free to reply with any of your own festival-goer tips!